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The Visibility Gambit

Kindle Unlimited has received a fair bit of bad press over the last couple of years – some of it from me – but I want to balance that by looking at the positives. Most pertinent is KU’s popularity with readers, … Continue reading

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The Only Rule Amazon Truly Cares About

On Monday, I found out that some bug hit a German e-book site causing the reactivation of long-dead listings, including one of mine, putting myself and some other authors in breach of KDP Select’s exclusivity rule. Amazon pounced into action … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Enjoy Marketing, You’re Doing It Wrong

I can already feel the heat from approaching pitchforks! But if you hear me out, I think I can convert at least some of you to the idea that if you don’t enjoy marketing, you’re doing it wrong. Let me … Continue reading

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8 Award-Winning Books for $8 + win a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Note: the sale is over and the comp is now closed. As the headline might suggest, this is a promo/competition post. If you are looking for alternative content to feed your cerebrum, I humbly suggest this phenomenal Wired interview with Ursula K. … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day Blowout: Results

If you were on Twitter over the weekend, you probably heard something about the St. Patrick’s Day Blowout Sale that I ran here on the blog. A few of you asked how it was all put together, and plenty are … Continue reading

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Print Editions, Mailing Lists, Special Offers, Donations & Ad Spots

A number of questions have been popping up by email and in the comments – topics I’ve alluded to here but haven’t gone into much detail. I’m going to run through them quickly today: print editions, mailing lists/newsletters, running a … Continue reading

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Word-of-Mouth In Action

Word-of-mouth is the only thing that ever really sells books. While a glowing review in the New York Times will undoubtedly shift some copies, if the limited amount of people that actually read the reviews (and then purchase the book), … Continue reading

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