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KU Scammers Attack Amazon’s Free Ebook Charts

Last month, Amazon was caught up in a crisis at least partly of its own making when bungled attempts to deal with a growing Kindle Unlimited scammer problem resulted in the sanctioning of innocent authors. Amazon has since apologized, and … Continue reading

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Digging Deeper Into Author Earnings

The Author Earnings team are attempting to do something which hasn’t been done before, and their work can’t be refined and improved unless there is some intelligent criticism of their approach and findings. Today I’ve invited Phoenix Sullivan to blog … Continue reading

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How To Avoid Publishing-Assisted Suicide

I regularly take aim at “assisted self-publishing” because it often results in a shoddy product, a serious price-tag and/or a big chunk of the author’s royalties going to a middleman that is doing little more than uploading (which is the … Continue reading

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