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Launching A Book By The Seat Of My Pants

I’m launching Mercenary today and you can grab it from Amazon, B&N, Kobo and Smashwords for just 99c, and you can add it on Goodreads here. I recommend grabbing it now because the price will be jumping to $4.99 in … Continue reading

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NoiseTrade: Build Audience While Boosting Your Mailing List

What if I told you there was a cool new way to share your work with the world that could help you build audience, boost your mailing list, and make money at the same time? Welcome to NoiseTrade. The idea … Continue reading

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The Author With The Biggest Mailing List Wins

What happens when a reader finishes your e-books? What’s the first thing they see? What’s the first thing they do? Back-matter is extremely important. Presuming you have done your job as a writer well, it’s a golden opportunity to draw … Continue reading

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Print Editions, Mailing Lists, Special Offers, Donations & Ad Spots

A number of questions have been popping up by email and in the comments – topics I’ve alluded to here but haven’t gone into much detail. I’m going to run through them quickly today: print editions, mailing lists/newsletters, running a … Continue reading

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