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BookBub CPM Ads and Wide Distribution

I decided a while ago that I was going back wide with all my books. Sales were pretty anemic to begin with (readers don’t magically discover books), but then I put together a little marketing plan. I don’t want to … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Marketing Systems

Lots of people right now are asking themselves whether they should leave Kindle Unlimited. I’m generally agnostic on it, and I think writers should do what is best for them and their books, but there’s no doubt this is the … Continue reading

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Amazon Opens Dutch Kindle Store, B&N Moves Into Author Services

Amazon launched a Kindle Store in the Netherlands this morning, as anticipated by The Digital Reader yesterday. Kindle devices are now on sale for prices ranging between €59 for the basic model, up to €189 for the Voyage, and the store … Continue reading

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Kobo Cull Self-Published Titles In Knee-jerk Response To Tabloid Clickbait

A media firestorm erupted in the UK on Sunday after a tabloid story about WH Smith selling “filth” alongside books aimed at children, which has resulted in Kobo culling huge numbers of self-published titles – most of which have no … Continue reading

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Choosing The Right Distributor: Smashwords vs Draft2Digital

Since I started self-publishing in 2011, Smashwords has been the overwhelming favorite for savvy self-publishers who wanted or needed a distributor to reach non-Amazon e-bookstores. However, a new competitor called Draft2Digital launched a beta version of their service earlier this year … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing Grabs Huge Market Share From Traditional Publishers

Barnes & Noble re-launched PubIt! this week as Nook Press, a largely superficial makeover which failed to address some fundamental problems, like restricting access to US self-publishers only, and introduced new howler: updating existing titles causes the loss of all … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Recommendation Engine Trumps The Competition

There’s an old adage that bestsellers are chosen rather than made, and there’s some truth to that. The amount a publisher splurges on the advance has to be recouped before the book turns a profit. The more money that has … Continue reading

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