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This Free Tool Could Slightly Change Your Life

You know I’m not one for hyperbole, but this free tool could slightly change your life. I also have news on a sale, a freebie giveaway, then something bearing a passing resemblance to a competition, as well as an interview, … Continue reading

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This Might Be A Terrible Idea

I’m launching the 2nd edition of Let’s Get Digital next week and today I’m going to try and answer all your questions. Most have surrounded something I’ve hinted at over the last few months. I’m doing something pretty cool and … Continue reading

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Understanding Amazon’s New Algorithms Is As Easy As ABC

Amazon’s KDP Select introduced a new tranche of self-publishers to the upper reaches of the charts for the first time. For the first couple of months of this year, a new seam had been discovered in this self-publishing “gold-rush.” It … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Digital is Free on Amazon

Let’s Get Digital is free on Amazon. If you haven’t already grabbed a copy, now would be a good time. It will likely only be free for a few days, and this might well be the only free run this … Continue reading

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Profiting Outside Amazon: Guest Post From Sarah Woodbury

The first wave of self-publishers who signed up to KDP Select have either come to the end of their 90-day exclusivity period or that day is fast approaching, and many are wondering whether to re-enroll in the program or to … Continue reading

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Why Giving Away Thousands Of Free Books Is A Good Thing

While on the surface the following may seem to be a KDP Select success story, it’s actually something a little more important than that: a testament to the power of determination, and proof that even the most niche of books … Continue reading

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A New Strategy for a New Year – Guest Post by Sarah Woodbury

To enroll or not to enroll, that is the question on a lot of writers’ minds. I have had several posts on KDP Select, because it’s a complex issue, without one “right” answer that will fit all self-publishers. If you … Continue reading

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