This is the resources page for the audiobook version of Let’s Get Digital. Below you will find links to a whole host of topics and resources, broken down by subject.

This page contains all of the resources mentioned earlier in the book, as well as additional websites (and some books) you may find useful. Where necessary, I have added a brief explanation.

To get a handle on the current state of the publishing industry, I recommend reading from as many sources of as possible, including those you don’t agree with. This is a time of great change in publishing. You should challenge your assumptions regularly to ensure your decisions are not skewed by outdated beliefs or faulty logic.

Publishing Blogs
Joe Konrath:
The Passive Voice:
Ed Robertson:
The Creative Penn:
Nick Stephenson:
Lindsay Buroker:
Matt Iden:
Catherine Ryan Howard:

Publishing Podcasts
The Self-Publishing Podcast:
Joanna Penn:
Rocking Self-Publishing:

Self-publishing Advice
KBoards Writers’ Café:
Indie Author Survival Guide by Susan Kaye Quinn
The Naked Truth About Self-Publishing by Jana DeLeon, Tina Folsom, Coleen Gleason, Jane Graves, Liliana Hart, Debra Holland, Dorien Kelly, Theresa Ragan, Denise Grover Swank & Jasinda Wilder.

Writing Advice
On Writing by Stephen King
Write.Publish.Repeat by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant
Self-editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Brown & Dave King
Sommer Leigh:

Marketing Advice
Let’s Get Visible by David Gaughran
How To Market A Book by Joanna Penn

Trade Publishing
The Bookseller (UK):
Publisher’s Weekly:

Literary Agent Blogs
Kristin Nelson:
Rachelle Gardner:
Miss Snark (Archives):

Editor Blogs
Alan Rinzler:
Tom Dupree:
Karin Cox:

Writer Beware
This is an excellent free service provided by the SFWA, which, among other things, warns against scam agents, unscrupulous publishers, and inexperienced or unprofessional editors.

Background Checks
Absolute Write is a forum more focused on traditional publishing (and can be unfriendly to self-publishers) but it has an excellent, comprehensive sub-forum called “Bewares, Recommendations & Background Check” with separate threads on most editors, publishers, literary agents, and those who provide writers’ services, which shares other writer’s experiences. If the company in question is not listed there, you can post about it, and members will answer you. Check the background of anyone you deal with.
Absolute Write:

Book Design/Covers
My page:
Book Cover Archive:
The Book Designer:

Read E-books on Your Phone or Computer
Free Kindle Apps (to read MOBI files):
Free Nook Apps (to read EPUB files):

E-book Formatting
Guido Henkel’s peerless guide:
My guide:
Zen of eBook Formatting by Guido Henkel

Free Formatting Software
HTML Editor (PC):
HTML Editor (Mac):
E-book Converter (PC & Mac):

Formatting Services
If you insist on paying for your formatting, these services are consistently recommended.
Heather Adkins (also does excellent print formatting):
Guido Henkel:
Rob Siders:

Blurb-writing Advice
Anne R. Allen:

Ad Sites
Ereader News Today:
Pixel of Ink (free):
Kindle Books & Tips:
The Midlist (free):

The College of Blogging:

Designing Your Facebook Page

Reviewer Lists
Indie Review Tracker:
Simon Royle’s List:

Rank Tracking
KND Tracker (most accurate, but Amazon US only):
NovelRank (great for tracking ranks in US and internationally, but ignore the sales estimates):

Readers Forums/Websites
Nook Boards:
KU Forum (UK):
For an example of how to use a reader’s forum effectively, so that you aren’t chased out for spamming the users, please read this blog post:

The Copyright Handbook by Stephen Fishman

UK & Ireland:

Getting an EIN:

Release Your Word-Minions!

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