Feel free to email me, but please check the FAQ below first.


1. Will you review my book?

No, sorry. This isn’t a book review site and I don’t have time to read all the books I want to, unfortunately. You can get tips on how to get reviews for your book here.

2. Will you write about my new author service?

I don’t have time, sorry. I get several emails a week from start-ups who want me to test out their cool new thing that will help authors. Some of them have real potential, but I don’t have time. I’m happy to promote services I’ve used that are genuinely effective, but don’t usually try anything until I get a referral from authors. I’d recommend going to a site like and looking for authors to beta test. Note: I don’t take payment for promoting services I like, I don’t accept ads of any kind or product placement, and don’t operate on a quid pro quo basis.

3. Can I interview you?

Maybe. Media, go here. Everyone else: I have limited time for interviews, and writing always takes priority. Often it’s a blanket no because I’m too busy. I generally have more time after releasing a book, but not that much more and have to give preference based on the size of the blog etc. Sorry if that sounds mercenary, but it’s a time thing. Contact me with your details of your blog, what you want to do, and, preferably, a list of questions and when you need the answers. Don’t be offended if I refuse. It’s usually because I’m tearing my hair out over a book!

4. Can I ask you some questions on self-publishing/marketing?

Absolutely. But make sure to check the Basics post (and the stuff in the nav-bar at the top on Covers, Formatting etc.) first. For marketing info, this post and this post cover the basics of the approach I’ve recommended. I’ve also written two books which should help. Let’s Get Digital will teach you how to self-publish to a professional level and Let’s Get Visible will teach you a whole host of effective marketing strategies. But feel free to ask anything else not covered above.

6 Responses to Contact/FAQ

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  4. mr. gaughran — i spent over $1,000 to convert two books to electronic for argo. during the first reporting period they sold eleven books. my royalty check? 75 cents. i asked my agent to get me off the argo site, three months ago. so far she has not completed the transaction.
    donald pfarrer, author of NEVERLIGHT and THE FEARLESS MAN — novels of the vietnam war


  5. Paz Ellis says:

    Hello, David! I am simply writing to thank you for writing such a fantastic book! I am referring to your second edition of Let’s Get Digital. I just published a memoir, which is currently on Amazon’s KDP and am about to release a fictional novel. You were instrumental in my getting off my duff and publishing. Fear was a big issue for me and your book inspired me with much needed information on self-publishing. God Speed!


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