David Gaughran is an Irish writer, living in Prague who spends most of his time travelling the world, collecting stories.

He is the author of the Latin American historical adventures Mercenary and A Storm Hits Valparaiso, the short stories If You Go Into The Woods and Transfection, and the popular writers’ guides Let’s Get Digital and Let’s Get Visible.

He runs the publishing blog Let’s Get Digital and the Latin American history site South Americana, and his work has been featured in the Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, and the Irish Times.

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  1. R.E. McDermott says:

    David – I’d like to subscribe but prefer receiving posts through Google Reader rather than email. However, I didn’t see an RSS feel link anywhere on your site. How about adding one.




    • SoundEagle says:

      Thank you very much to you, David, for being the trailblazer in mythbuster in the business of self-publishing, and for helping others to learn the ins and outs of the (self-)publising industry.

      May you continue to blaze many trails with your lovely blog . . . . .


  2. R.E. McDermott says:

    Make that RSS “feed link” instead of “feel link.”


  3. Sweetney says:

    So I guess there’s about a 99.9% chance we’re in some way related 🙂


  4. Meg says:

    Hi David,
    I’m looking at you to tell me if it’s better to self publish or wait until I’ve been to the October workshop in London and met agents and writers and had a one to one. I find it hard to wait for anything these days as I’m over 60, I will need to learn a lot as i’m not terribly digital But there is help out there as you have mentioned. I live in Uppsala..but am from England. My great grandfathers were from Cork. Meg, Lyons


    • Hi Meg,

      I’m from Dublin, I live in Stockholm, but I have lived in England a couple of times before – London, and Bradford of all places.

      Choosing what to do with your book is a very personal decision, and I would be wary of giving blanket advice to anyone without knowing a lot more. Each writer must decide for themselves what’s best for them and their book. I would suggest that you make a list of all the pros and cons of each path before making any decision. If you want to chat about it, you can send me an email to david [dot] gaughran [at] gmail.com


  5. Hey David–I gave you an award at Kshoop.com Just something to recognize your great work and generosity to other writers!


  6. stu noss says:

    hi david,

    just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the blog and your work. Your south american story is brill and has shades of Louise de Bernieres series, which I loved. So keep up the good work.


  7. Frank Clark says:

    Hi Dave. Thanks for discovering me and following me on Twitter.
    There’s nothing like short stories. Read my brief bio about how
    I come up with all my story ideas. It’s a secret, yet so obvious.
    I laugh about it all the time. I’m following you too now on Twitter.
    My web address is: http://www.frankclarkshortstories.com/?p=545
    This link will take you to my Hello Readers! page where you can
    read my bio and the latest comments about my site and stories.


  8. Bill Davis says:

    Great blogged. Just signed up. Thanks for the Twitter follow, David, which led me here to this!


  9. Red Tash says:

    I don’t know if I have ever thanked you for this book, but it has been so helpful to me. Rock on, David.


  10. Tracey says:

    HI David, Thanks for the help on this blog site. I’m just venturing into writing a short e-book and wondered if you know or could recommend an illustrator. I read your formatting post and will be taking up your recommendation of formatting services. I would like to have a go myself and appreciate the encouragement on your blog, however, I have to limit my time hunched over the computer. Due to a chronic spine condition, the chair is the devil for me so happy to pay reasonable prices. Have followed you on twitter – I’m @ozfactorz and I blog at http://www.oz-factor.com about Australia where I’ll be living for the next couple of years. Thanks, Tracey


    • I think Kindle Boards is probably the best place to ask that question – you will get responses from people that have actually used one. The Writer’s Cafe is here: kindleboards.com/index.php/board,60.0.html

      Best of luck!


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  13. Bravo on offering Lets Get Digital in a free, online format. Ballsy, and very much appreciated.


  14. Mark Abrams (@mark10210mea) says:

    I am going to check out Let’s Get Digital and probably buy for my Kindle. I’ll leave a review when I’m finished on Amazon (US). Thanks for the follow on Twitter, btw.


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  16. Ben says:

    Hey David, I have nominated you for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’ as part of my ‘recently found bloggers’ group. You can see here – http://thechronosphere.wordpress.com/2011/12/16/versatile-blogger-award/

    I want to take this chance to further say this blog has been really helpful so far, and i have no doubt it will continue be so in the future. Thanks!


  17. Ryan Petty says:

    Thanks for writing and sharing the Let’s Get Digital book.
    At top of page 23 of the .pdf you have this typo:
    “I think the digital revolution will eventually to lead to an increase in readership, with people now reading on computers, laptops, tablets, e-readers and smartphones—some of them people who haven’t bought a book in years.”
    [Remove “to” the first time it appears.]
    Ryan Petty, Tacoma, Washington, USA


    • Thanks Ryan – correcting now. Appreciated – Dave.

      It just shows you, despite the attentions of my (excellent) editor, numerous rounds of self-editing and self-proofing, and the attentions of around 10 proofers, typos can still slip in…


  18. Marcela says:

    Just as a curiosity…do you speak Spanish?… I mean, Valpo is not a English speaking port for any chance of imagination.
    Interesting material I can read here, hope to have the chance of a kindle some day.

    Marcela Suazo Toro


    • Hi Marcela,

      I speak a little Spanish. I’ve been to South America for two trips now, once in 2005, and once in 2008, both for 9 months, and have spent a little time in Valparaiso. I lived in Buenos Aires for a while, and northern Peru. My Spanish got pretty good by the end, although I struggle a little in Buenos Aires when they speak so fast and chop all the words in half and I haven’t had much opportunity to practice in the last three years.

      I love South America, and will return the first chance I get. Maybe I won’t leave the next time 🙂



  19. The Hook says:

    I’m currently in the process of translating material from my two blogs into a single volume self-published book and i have to say, I feel overwhelmed!
    Did you feel like you were being crushed between your dreams and reality?


    • I felt like that at times with my last book – A Storm Hits Valparaiso – but mostly because I had bitten off more than I could chew. I was too inexperienced in 2006 to realize what a difficult task I had set myself, and I have to say it nearly beat me. I walked away several times and it took me five-and-a-half years to finally get it out there (which I did just before Christmas).

      In comparison, the book that came from this blog “Let’s Get Digital” was a doddle. I think I wrote it in 3 weeks, more or less.


    • D J Mills says:

      Overwhelmed! You said it! Especially getting IRS forms sorted. Without David, I would still be trying to get an incorrect form filled out, but once David phoned IRS for an EiN AND showed us how to fill in the W-8BEN form, publishing and life got a whole lot easier.

      David, might be time to write another blog on how to update the W-8BEN every 3 years, as Amazon said I had to do in an email yesterday, without doing their online “IRS Tax interview”. 🙂 .


  20. Mark Abrams (@mark10210mea) says:

    Yes, but it was a helpful doodle! “…Digital” was very good for what it was.


  21. Celeste says:

    Hey David

    Not sure if you enjoy these things, but I’ve just won the Versatile Blogger Award and in my acceptance I have to nominate 15 others. After following your blog for some time, you sprung to mind. The post is here: http://storieswritingadventure.wordpress.com/


  22. I wanted to mention to you that my experiment with KDPSelect is going very well so far. I pit it up January thirtieth and have a two day freebie starting today. Amazing numbers that have transferred to my first book and some cross sales already.


  23. Pit? Where is autocorrect when you need it?


  24. rogerdcolby says:

    Happy St. Pats Day (early). Nominated you for “The Versatile Blogger Award”. Blessings!


  25. Steph Wagner says:

    Hi David,

    Do you accept contributors for guest blog?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks,
    Steph Wagner


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  27. Susan Davis says:

    Thank you, David. After dithering for months, ‘Lets Get Digital’ sent me rushing to the drawer to dust off my old manuscripts and story collections. I’ve had 3 novels published by a major publisher, but am weary of the whole game. The inclusion of the personal success stories is both generous and inspiring. At long last, after a 5 year drought, I feel I can write again. As both a writer and editor, I also like the way you emphasise the need for professional editing. It’s a terrific book, well on the way to becoming my Bible!


  28. dborys says:

    Thanks for the follow on my Writers’ Resources blog. Knowing people are actually going to look at it will help keep me on track to not let it slide this time.


  29. I just wanted to copy this to you for informational purposes as I know you write for Huffington. I have to teach myself to make links.

    Below is the email I received today from the new NWU ‘Pay the Writer’ Campaign at http://paythewriter.org
    My name is Martin Zabell. I am working on the National Writers Union’s “Pay the Writer” campaign. The campaign was launched after The Huffington Post, which was built as a not-for profit on free contributions by professional journalists, was sold to AOL last year for $315 million. In the process, Arianna Huffington landed a $4 million/year job as AOL’s Director of Content. Now, she claims that The Huffington Post doesn’t use freelancers anymore, and the freelancers have been replaced by “Citizen Journalists” at no pay.

    The National Writers Union believes that people who are writing news articles for commercial enterprises deserve to be paid and is seeking to establish a standard for payfor people who write for The Huffington Post and other online publications. The low rate of pay in the online industry is having a devastating effect on writers, including those who work for print publications. Freelance writers need to support each other to improve their wages.

    We are currently collecting information from online writers….

    At the same time, we are organizing writers who [wish] to get actively involved in pressuring online publications to pay their writers fairly.

    The NWU intends to communicate with writers on a regular basis. For example, we intend to write reports on numerous websites so you will know how much they pay, whether their payments are reliable, how writers work with the websites’ editors and other pertinent information.

    If you’re interested in helping the “Pay the Writer” campaign, please answer [our questionaire] (or we can arrange a phone conversation).

    I hope you are as outraged by what has happened to the journalism industry in recent years as I am and are motivated to help the “Pay the Writer” campaign try to do something about it.

    Thank you very much,
    (campaign’s website is http://paythewriter.org)
    fighting to establish a fair pay scale for freelance journalists and… paythewriter.org
    Help us show the Huffington Post that not paying for quality journalism is unacceptable. Join our fight to establish a fair pay scale for freelance.


  30. E.W. Soper says:

    Hey, I like your blog so I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award (http://versatilebloggeraward.wordpress.com/). I link to you in my post: http://blog.sopoweredproductions.com/2012/03/20/technically-heroic-an-authors-adventure-has-been-deemed-versatile/#more-508


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  32. Dan Harris says:

    I nominated your blog for Versatile Blogger. Do with this what you will!



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  34. Hollis Belshay says:

    Perhaps I have chosen the wrong place to ask the wrong questions to the wrong people and if this is the case I apologize. My ignorance isn’t educated enough to understand it’s own depth so please bare with me. I have written several short story’s and before I would even suppose they were worthy of being published I would like to give my work a chance to be read and commented upon by those of worthy opinion. Is there such an outlet for someone in my position?.


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  36. Honie Briggs says:

    David, your blog found me via unbelievable clickery. A link to a link that circled back and drew a straight line in the sand between my toes, and here I am.
    Interesting stuff you’ve got here about self-pubbing – I’m gonna stick around, read awhile and see if I can’t learn something.


  37. jdanryan says:

    Just a brief note to let you know that I’ve put you up for a Liebster:




  38. horsecents says:

    David, I stumbled upon your blog this morning through the Recommended Blogs feature of WordPress.com. The stuff I’ve read so far here and in the free (thank you for that) PDF has given me hope. Thank you very much.


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  40. acflory says:

    I’ve just nominated you for the ‘Super Sweet Blogger’s Award’! You can find the details here : http://wp.me/p25AFu-iB


  41. Kevin Finley says:

    I really like what you’re doing here. Informative and helpful information. I work with self-published authors and will definitely be directing them to your blog. I started something that focuses more on the PR side of our business. Here’s to informing authors: businesssideofbooks.com


  42. Nephrolepis says:

    You’re helping give me the confidence to realize my dream of publishing! Woohoo!


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  44. George from Toronto says:


    Hi David

    love your site (and that article you wrote on another blog about getting EIN and W8-BEN to avoid the US withholding tax saved me from huge headaches –thank you so much–I just found it recently).

    I am getting ready to upload my books, never done anything like this before. I do have a question
    I wasn’t sure about emailing you privately but I think if I post it here maybe it can help other indies. I apologize if this about me is not for this purpose. If its a problem please erase it and I can email you instead.

    I noticed that for authors/publishers outside the US (I’m in Canada) Mark Coker’s Smashwords
    only pays you by paypal deposit. Paypal works okay for the most part but there have been
    many situations in the past where they FREEZE your account and even keep the funds (even after the 180 day ‘evaluation’ period) when they see a spike in your receiving money. This has happened mostly to people who sell items via ebay or online stores or have received donations.

    Say Non-US author writes book X and puts it on Smashwords and it sells very little or moderately as they are new and its only one book. Then the book picks up steam and a sales spike occurs, and Smashwords sends a payment of 4 digits instead of the previous 2 in cash. Is there not a real danger for a cash freeze? (or does Smashwords have an arrangement for paypal –which I highly doubt not to do that to Smashwords authors).

    Your excellent book “A Storm Hits Valparasio” has been successful and you are a Non Us writer –have you ever had problems with paypal due to getting a larger payment from Smashwords?

    I do wish Smashwords would allow for direct deposit or even send payment by checks to Non-Us authors. I really dont trust paypal, they are not a bank and are not regulated nor under the FDIC.

    I can post various news links covering some of their more famous horror stories on here if you like –just let me know (though they are easy to find if you google Paypal account freeze, etc).


    PS they have done this (funds freeze) to authors and editors already, who have been successful but I have not heard it done to Smashword authors. examples Steve Berry’s Behind the Sofa, and with Elliot Jay Stock’s 8 faces magazines order, Andy Micmallin’s The Manual magazine etc.


    • Hi George. I haven’t had any problems receiving money from Smashwords via PayPal, or with PayPal generally. I have heard some horror stories re. PayPal, but not from writers using Smashwords.

      P.S. You can go direct now with Kobo (and with Apple if you have Mac), which would reduce the amount of money coming via PayPal – if that makes the proposition a little more palatable for you.


      • George from Toronto says:

        Wow David very kind of you to respond so quickly!

        Thank you very much. I think that’s exactly what I’ll do. I reduce it via having some direct accounts (kobo has offices in Canada) and Pubit (ill get a us ccard as I already have a US bank checking account) and that will leave Smashwords, diesel and sony who insist on Smashwords. Well I think sony allows AuthorHouse also, but I’ll stay away from them.

        I think from what you are telling me it shows that Paypal are familiar with Smashwords authors’ payments so it doesn’t set off their ‘paranoia switch. The ones I mentioned were all non Smashwords related. Your experience is very reassuring! I stayed up late all night today with insomnia. I have a few books that I am finally pushing myself to ‘take the plunge’ with as the Americans say.


        PS I understand you are in Ireland? I visited once when I was a boy, what a beautiful countryside!


  45. George from Toronto says:

    oh and Apple/ Mac… I think Father Christmas will be bringing one to my tree this year so no worries there, cant forget the ibookstore..


    • Anywhere you can go direct, do. It’s infinitely better. Your book gets in the right category (crucial), you will have up to date sales reports (they are a month or two behind on smashwords), and you get paid quicker.

      I can’t promise there will be no problems with PayPal – they aren’t the most customer friendly – but at least this way you minimize the potential. And it’s a superior approach anyway.


      • George from Toronto says:

        Hi David

        I wanted to report back to you and in doing so perhaps help others.

        Smashwords would not respond after a million emails. Their customer service is nonexistent and I think Mr Coker likes it that way. I even tried to post on his personal blog he simply erased it and sent me a canned response to my email showing he had not read what I wrote. Finally after a million more emails Smashwords responded by emailing that only direct deposit from Paypal is available now but other ways might be available in the future.

        I talked to BN and had a high level upper management fellow actually call my number. He told me that BN are working on allowing nonUS writers to go directly to them in the new year.

        Finally I wanted to let you know I added a long-ish comment on your post at Catherine Caffeinated about how you got your EIN. (I posted under my pen name Yorgos -greek for George) A lady commentator there and I assume others later got a letter from IRS to “fill out FORM1120F”. This a form you do NOT have to fill out as all your obligations to the IRS as a foreign business entity (EIN holder) are met at the withholding source . I wanted to point that out in case other readers of your blog have run into this like I did. I phoned the IRS at the international number and they expunged that from my file as we are not required to fill such forms.

        I am curious if the IRS automated system sent you a letter to that effect from the time you got your EIN?

        Best regards,

        PS Merry Christmas to you sir!


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  47. theyapster says:

    i know one of your stories, the a storm hits valparaiso and it’s in my reading list!!!! looking forward to knowing more about your blog!


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  50. youngteresa says:

    Greetings, David, I’m excited to find your blog and begin accessing it. Thanks for your work and for your generous approach to it!


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  52. Jatrova.org says:

    Hi.. David
    Your Blog is nice…. Thanks for sharing article…


  53. Robert Lindberg says:

    Hello David. Its been a while since I read anything about the self publication. And I think that is because like you say, it seems like a gigantic task and where to begin? Thats why I tend to stay away. But right now focus is on writing. I am right now primarily a writer of short stories. I am swedish, but write in english first, due to my multicultural background. Anyway your tips are most appreciated for the future. As a thank you i will give you a link to my blog here at wordpress, for whenever you have the time. http://www.theobservastory.wordpress.com

    Health and happiness!



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  55. babylonmagus says:

    You are truly a great find!


  56. Johann Thun says:

    … why you should not: the e-world can be very easily manipulated; it also contaminates traditional information.


  57. Hey! hear from Concepción Chile, being born in Valparaiso, the first paragraph caught me… I ll read more about you coetarean… 😀 (I am 34 too)


  58. lostinmist says:

    It would be nice if there were a list of recommended publishing services all in one easy to find page.


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  61. cdmyers00 says:

    I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award – as good as your blog is you’ve probably already gotten one!


  62. acflory says:

    Another calm, thoughtful examination of a ‘crisis’. Thanks David. I was particularly interested in /why/ Amazon would want Goodreads in the first place. Somehow we never think of data as being akin to gold on the net.


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  64. Joanna says:

    David, your blog is so helpful. I have nominated you for a “Best Moment” Award. I hope you don’t mind. Please click here for more info: http://joannafunk.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/a-best-moment-award-and-named-in-an-outstanding-blogger-list/


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  68. wildhorse33 says:

    I have been nominated for this blog award and would like to share it with you – see http://www.wildhorse33.wordpress.com Have a great day!


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  73. Hi D-technical issue, bought let’s get digital and its loaded to kindle on laptop just fine but can’t read on sony e-reader, is there anyway to get pdf version? Was told e reader would work on kindle, but clearly doesn’t! Heelp!


  74. Wow! That was fast- thank you! Will try new format. Wish I’d thought to contact you sooner – I bought an android tablet which could download my kindle library but because it’s not compatible I couldn’t access it and had to return tablet. Very frustrating. If it works how do I buy let’s get visible in compatible format?


  75. And the suprise for today – not all tablets read kindle! I bought the Prestigeo tablet and downloaded the kindle reader and all my books showed up but I couldn’t access them. I got hold of online techies at Amazon and after mucking about for half an hour they eventually realised that the tablet was not compatible- this tab had an e-reader facility already so when I downloaded kindle reader it wasn’t happy! they said they might develop software for it in the future but they couldn’t guarantee the compatibility of all tablets.


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  77. I really like your style of writing. As a young writer, it’s really great to hear from someone who knows their way around and is willing to send out great advice. I’m excited to keep reading and see what else you’ve shared. Thanks for the tips!


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  79. This is Danny O. Snow with Self-Publishers Monthly. I thought that your readers might like to know that the August issue is free on Amazon until Monday, 9/2.

    Thanks for all you do for the self-publishing community, and best wishes.



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  82. jameshcrocker says:


    Great blog and great remarks about Author House and the like. Your books on self-publishing, marketing and eBooks are much appreciated. Also Great Hat and Beard! I’m taking a class on WordPress and am building my own writer and book sites. Yours is very cool.

    Jim in Montana


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  84. all this IS a bit scary and weird re yet another way that large publishers are seeking to make money *from authors instead of *with authors

    there is also a burgeoning oped writing industry run by some do gooders who want to help people learn to write OPEDS for placement in the NYT and Guardian and other big major papers and websites and of course they charge money for this online classes and in person seminars, even telling would be oped writers they can pair with a published oped writer to learn who to contact and how to do it when IN FACT it is all BS since the oped pages only publish opeds that they commsion, they never publish over the


  85. Hi David.
    I just wanted to thank you for your excellent book, Let’s Get Digital. It was recommended to me and I’ll definitely be recommending it to others!
    I have to say, I was doubtful about diving into the self-publishing pool at first for all of the usual reasons. Will I ever actually be able to sell any books? Will people judge me as a fake for publishing myself and not having someone else choose me? Will I … Will I … Will I … etc.
    But, after finishing your book (and talking to some other people, too), I am currently in the process of formating my first ebook (with the help of Guido Henckel’s guide and blog replies) so, here goes!

    Thanks anyway and all the best.

    Davey Northcott

    See more about me and join in some IMAGINATION FUN in The imAgine RooM:
    @DaveyNorthcott on Twitter


  86. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    You have a wonderful blog, David, total quality here, & style. Just excellent.


  87. Great book, your “Let’s Get Digital”, David. Two things: when, if at all, are you considering updating it, as to the information within it? I’d buy the next edition, too. Btw I came across your book on Amazon when looking at self-publishing ebooks, like The Naked Truth About Self-Publishing.
    And two, on page 60 you seem to have a word too many or missing: “some OF are selling more than 1000 copies a day.” You can edit this post before publishing by deleting this part, if you’d like, but I wanted to pay forward, and I look forward to seeing the next edition soon. Off to buy your “Let’s Get Visible”, now. Thanks. Tanya Freedman, writing as Gloria SIlk.


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  89. ucronin says:


    I have nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

    More on this nomination is at





  90. Kasper says:

    Great blog you have here.

    I would like to ask you to take a look at this guide, my friend David has written:


    Today most ebooks all look the same, typography-wise. Some say that since users can change fonts in most reader systems, why bother? Well, first impressions will reflect upon how readers perceive your work – so read this guide on how to add any fonts to ebooks and make your your readers get a better reading experience.


  91. fustratedauthor says:

    David is obviously on Amazon’s payroll! Anti-author and pro Amazon the bully and monopolist! A Bezos lackey!


  92. http://bookreviews1966.wordpress.com/other-book-bloggers/ just added a page to include you and promote you free, from one book lover to another, day two blog. Jackie


  93. Nathaniel Dean James says:

    Hello David,

    I am currently in the act of kicking off a blog with a few co-conspirators called Indie Spotlight. It’s a no-holds-barred look at the industry which will focus primarily on interviews with people from all corners of the Indie scene. I’ve been following your posts for a while now and would really like to do an interview if it’s something you would be up for (and have the time). I’ll look out here for a reply, but you can also reach me at nathanieldeanjames@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing back!


  94. Thumbs up! Very helpful blog and nicely written. I shall pass it along.


  95. Cheryl says:

    David- It’s too bad you don’t have an email address as I just finished reading your lengthy but informative and interesting guide book Let’s Get Digital. My first question is: You wrote it in 2011 and this is now 3 years on in the e-book industry. Does everything in the book still apply? I think, by the way, you should keep it updated (stats, prices/fees, etc.) if the information is still applicable.

    I was confused on the topic of ISBN’s – if Bowker is the only official source (at $125 a pop), then how can Smashwords sell an ISBN for $10? Also needing clarification is the topic of taxes. If 30% is withheld, is this in addition ot the 30% royalties or is it the 30% royalties? And at what point after sales begin do you inform them of your SSN? (I assume that’s probably taken care of on the Author’s page.) Sprinkles of misspellings and grammatical mistakes throughout the book, so it needs an edit.


    • Hey Cheryl, my email address should be in the back of the book – in the About the Author section. It’s in the back of all my books.

      I’m actually working on the 2nd edition of Let’s Get Digital at the moment. It’s written, and I’m doing the final bit of cleaning up before sending to the editor. It will be a very much revised, updated, and expanded version – and all purchasers of the 1st edition should be able to get the 2nd edition for free (still figuring out how to do this, but it will be very easy via Amazon, Kobo and Smashwords if you bought it there).

      I’m sorry to hear about any errors. The book was professionally edited (two passes actually), and I had numerous beta readers and proofers, aside from the multiple passes I made my myself. Sometimes I think typos/errors are like weeds – you pull one and two sprout in its place.

      Regarding ISBNs, Bowker is the only official source in the US. The reason why Smashwords can sell them so cheaply is because of the unfair pricing scale that Bowker has. They charge huge prices if you buy ISBNs one at a time, but if you buy a thousands at a time, they cost virtually nothing.

      Regarding taxes, US retailers are required to withhold 30% of their payments to you, until you clarify your tax status (by giving them an SSN, ITIN or EIN – latter two are for non-USians). I think these days you can input your tax number before you start selling, but I’d have to check that. Either way, you have plenty of time between your first sale and your first payment to input your SSN. Amazon pays out 60 days after the end of the respective month where sales occurred.


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  97. I thought you might like to see my latest post ‘Deserted Beach’, where I’m promoting your webpage. You’ve also been promoted in my posts ‘What is Love’, ‘Silver Shimmers’ and ‘Original Acrylic Painting of Eileen Donan Castle’.


  98. I am reading your book “Lets Get Digital”. If you follow the link to my Blog, you will see it is quite well established and there is a modest ( ha ha ) link to my book at the side of the post, but despite this and a FB page, also linked, sales were disappointing, and so I’m looking for ways to change that. I’m really impressed by what you say and would like to thank you for re-invigorating my marketing drive 🙂


  99. Oh no, its him again !! Just to say I’ve now read you book which I found interesting and informative. My only comment would be that, in the section where various authors detail their self-publishing successes, none of them actually detail their marketing strategies. Some of them where unknown at the outset, like me, but went on to be successful, and it is the nuts and bolts of their strategies I want to learn about, and which prompted me to buy your book following a recommendation from a blogging chum


    • Hi Peter. First of all I should say that there was limited space in the book and if each author detailed the exact strategies they used it would have been far too long. Second, the route to success in 2014 is very different to that of 2010 or 2011 when most of these authors started.

      The basics haven’t changed: produce new, quality work as regularly as possible, and be smart about how you reach readers. The more work you produce, the less risk-averse you will be with your marketing. The more titles you have, the more stuff you will try, and sooner or later you will start gaining traction.

      I’m presuming you have the new updated second edition (released this week). In the new edition, the recommended template for marketing is pretty clear.

      If you are looking for some kind of “secret” beyond that, I’m afraid you will be disappointed. The real secret is it takes hard work, persistence, and a willingness to experiment. But even if you just focus on the pared back basics you will get sales moving.

      In short, produce new work regularly, start a mailing list, have the sign-up prominently at the back of your books, run 99c sales every few months on your titles (in conjunction with ads on the sites I recommend), then you will start to see results.

      It really is that straight-forward. There’s no magic bullet in this game, but that’s as close as you will get.


      • Thank you for that. I bought the kindle last week, so I presume its the hot off the press version. I have quite a small brain, so it struggles to get the full marketing picture. I am learning a lot. I have one book out, another about a month from being released and am half-way through writing my third. I about 20 pretty good reviews on Amazon, and another 10 or so Blog reviews, but they seemed to have little impact on sales. My Blog is quite well followed and provided the main push, but now, on your advice, I am investigating the Mailchimp/ 99cent strategy. Also looking for forums to bore to death with my catering tips or rant of the day


      • Just to make sure you have the 2nd edition, on the title/copyright page, it should say “Second edition published September 2014”. Also, in the 2nd ed. the 1st chapter proper is called “Appetite for Disruption.”

        If you want a re-cap on the recommended marketing strategy, with a straight-forward 10-step plan, check out this post: https://davidgaughran.wordpress.com/2014/08/29/starting-from-zero/


      • A large parcel of thank you’s is on its way to your astral address. I will climb the Amazon mountain, I tell myself, and I will make sure to thank you when I do 🙂


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  102. lorac888890 says:

    Hi, you were one of my followers awhile back. What happened? I plan on reading more on your self-publishing soon.


  103. mittych1 says:

    Hi David – I’ve just released ‘Mitty’s Letter’ (http://mittych1.wordpress.com/chapter-listing), the first book from my three-book historical novel ‘Mitty’. I wrote the trilogy in the 90s, and have only recently revisited it and sent it to my son Steve (http://steveswindells/wordpress.com/about) who’s nearly completed editing the whole project. I’m 86 years-old and would appreciate your advice on fast-tracking the self-publishing process – for obvious reasons! Audrey.


  104. mittych1 says:

    I am sorry not to have heard from you David – I thought I might have had an acknowledgement, but perhaps you are very busy.


  105. How can I contact this writter? :)Thank you!


  106. Hello David – I gave you the Blog Award. http://ezindiepublishing.com/2015/11/20/blog-award/

    Thanks for all you’ve done to educate us, but more importantly thanks for the great historical fictions 🙂


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  113. Hi David,
    I’m a blogger and want to convert my blog into a book. Your work is inspiring. I wonder if you could give me a few pointers regarding the process of conversion.


  114. josois says:

    Hi David,

    Thank you for all the invaluable advice you’ve given to indie writer’s like myself. I think everyone whose serious about self-publishing should read your book: Let’s Get Visible. I’ve nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award. There is no obligation for you to accept the award, but if you would like to do so, please visit the link below for instructions. https://writersnookblog.wordpress.com/2017/06/11/accepting-the-mystery-blogger-award/


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