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Publishing Is Easy

There are three primary tasks a writer must undertake to get her work into the hands of readers: writing, publishing, and marketing. Out of those three, I respectfully submit, publishing is by far the easiest. Writing Writing a book is … Continue reading

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Amazon Makes Life Easier For Authors of Historical & Literary Fiction

There are lots of reasons why self-publishing success stories tend to concentrate around writers of “genre” fiction, but it’s a mistake to assume that success is impossible if you write literary fiction or historical fiction (which tends to get lumped … Continue reading

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Kobo Cull Self-Published Titles In Knee-jerk Response To Tabloid Clickbait

A media firestorm erupted in the UK on Sunday after a tabloid story about WH Smith selling “filth” alongside books aimed at children, which has resulted in Kobo culling huge numbers of self-published titles – most of which have no … Continue reading

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Bloomsbury Seeks Deal With Author Solutions

The publishing world has been turned upside down by ebooks and self-publishing. All the old middlemen – agents, publishers, distributors, retailers – are scrambling to reinvent themselves, trying to remain relevant in a digital world.  Self-publishing is big business. By … Continue reading

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Ted Oswald Signs With Amazon Publishing, Haiti NGOs To Benefit

Okay, this might be my favorite ever blog post. Remember that guy who wrote that book set in Haiti, the one I was raving about, the one where he was giving all the profits to charity? Well, I have him … Continue reading

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