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How To Avoid Publishing-Assisted Suicide

I regularly take aim at “assisted self-publishing” because it often results in a shoddy product, a serious price-tag and/or a big chunk of the author’s royalties going to a middleman that is doing little more than uploading (which is the … Continue reading

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The Alliance of Independent Authors – a Q&A with Orna Ross

When I cover publishers behaving badly, self-publishing scams, or authors’ rights, I always get asked if there is an organization which advocates for self-publishers. The general feeling seems to be that we are particularly ill-served by the status quo, given … Continue reading

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The Bookseller Hires Author Solutions Exec To Spout Propaganda

Author Solutions is like a Bizarro version of King Midas. Everything they touch turns to shit. One frustrating aspect of this is their history of co-opting supposedly independent organizations, which then silence critical voices. This week, The Bookseller went one step further, … Continue reading

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Have You Read A Good Book Lately?

Like many readers, I get my book recommendations from multiple sources: friends, peers, genre bestseller lists, Amazon algorithms, and deal sites. The latter two are sources new to me since I switched to a Kindle in Christmas 2011. Prior to … Continue reading

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15 Ways Amazon Can Improve Kindle Direct Publishing

At the London Book Fair in April, I had the opportunity to meet representatives from Amazon and present a list of feature requests and complaints (from the comments of this post with an assist from KBoards). I spent quite a bit … Continue reading

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