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Lazy Literary Agents In Self-Publishing Money Grab via Argo Navis

I was at the London Book Fair last week – and I’ll be blogging about that soon – when the news broke that David Mamet is to self-publish his next book. His reasons? “Publishing is like Hollywood—nobody ever does the marketing they … Continue reading

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Self-Publishing Grabs Huge Market Share From Traditional Publishers

Barnes & Noble re-launched PubIt! this week as Nook Press, a largely superficial makeover which failed to address some fundamental problems, like restricting access to US self-publishers only, and introduced new howler: updating existing titles causes the loss of all … Continue reading

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A List of Things Scott Turow Doesn’t Care About

Scott Turow woke up from his slumber recently to bark nonsense about Amazon’s acquisition of Goodreads on the Authors Guild blog, before being thoroughly eviscerated in the comments. Undeterred, Turow sought out the considerably larger platform of the New York … Continue reading

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