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Why Amazon’s Purchase of Goodreads Is A Good Thing

The doom-mongers have been running wild on Twitter with the news that Amazon is to acquire Goodreads. Much of that nonsense is typical (hysterical) Amazon bashing, or reflexive defense of the status quo. I’m not going to deal with the … Continue reading

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Publishers Behaving Badly, Part… I’ve Lost Count

There seems to be a view in certain self-congratulatory circles that publishers have finally got to grips with the digital revolution, that they have weathered the fiercest part of the storm, and that they are well-placed now not just to … Continue reading

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When Visibility Doesn’t Lead To Book Sales

Writers are pretty creative about getting exposure for themselves and their books. Self-publishers especially are always experimenting with innovative ways to move the sales needle. Like many of you, I’ve tried a little of everything at this point, and the … Continue reading

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