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From Pizza Hut To Easy Street: The David Dalglish Story

Fantasy author David Dalglish is a big name in the self-publishing world, but he’s on the cusp of something even bigger. His path wasn’t easy. When David uploaded his first book, way back in February 2010, he was working in Pizza … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Recommendation Engine Trumps The Competition

There’s an old adage that bestsellers are chosen rather than made, and there’s some truth to that. The amount a publisher splurges on the advance has to be recouped before the book turns a profit. The more money that has … Continue reading

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Penguin’s Solution for Authors: One Racket To Rule Them All

Regular readers of this blog will know all about Penguin’s purchase last July of the universally reviled Author Solutions – a company infamous for overcharging writers, doing a terrible job of publishing their books, and forcing ineffective and expensive marketing … Continue reading

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The Author With The Biggest Mailing List Wins

What happens when a reader finishes your e-books? What’s the first thing they see? What’s the first thing they do? Back-matter is extremely important. Presuming you have done your job as a writer well, it’s a golden opportunity to draw … Continue reading

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