Gone Fishing

I’m off on vacation today for two-and-a-half weeks. While I will have some limited internet access, I’ll be spending any free time writing.

The blog won’t be completely quiet in that time – there’s a post or two in the pipeline for while I’m away – but you can expect a delayed response to any emails, and limited participation by me in the comments etc.

On my return, I will  again be pitching in at my partner’s new gallery – House of Vostrovska. On the first Thursday of each month, all the galleries in East London open late, and there is quite a crowd going from gallery to gallery and a much more relaxed atmosphere.

My partner will be putting on a show with a handful of other hand-picked artists. If you are interested (and around), the show kicks off on Thursday the 6th of September at 6pm. The gallery is in Bethnal Green (E2). All the details will appear on the Facebook page, and on the website – once I build it!

I’m off to the Czech Republic. See you in a few weeks…

About David Gaughran

David is Irish and lives in Dublin, where it rains every day and conversation is a sport. He writes historical adventures and has helped thousands of authors to self-publish through his workshops, books, and this here blog.
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9 Responses to Gone Fishing

  1. Enjoy your break, David. While I’m here I might as well mention that mostly due to reading your experiences my Kindle ebook “Beneath The Shining Mountains” now not only has a new cover but I’m waiting delivery of its Createspace proof. A whole new world. Thanks for giving me the impetus.


  2. M.C. James says:

    Have a nice trip.


  3. You have a partner You are on hols How good’s that! Enjoy! no more exclamations!


  4. I am encouraging my daughter to take that job in Prague…for her career advancement, of course. Could have taught TEFL there, but went to Moscow instead. Next year, David, Czech republic…


  5. Silvia says:

    Enjoy your trip!


  6. Would love to hang the sign up myself…Have a great time


  7. acflory says:

    Have a great vacation!


  8. Hi David – I’m another indie writer who follows your blog. I’m on vacation in Riga – another great European city! Hope you ‘re enjoying your trip as much as I am. The food is amazing here (too amazing…)! 🙂


  9. Mata says:

    can you please help me where to sell my shorts stories to earn some money


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