Transfection Spreads Across The Planet! (Competition)

To celebrate the release of my latest short story – Transfection – I am giving away TWENTY-FIVE free copies of my new e-book.

It has already hit the Science Fiction Short Story Bestseller charts in the UK and America, and with a little push, it could go even higher.

Seeing as it’s an old-school science fiction story about a scientist who becomes dangerously obsessed with his research, the competition is going to be a little experiment.

We’re going to see how far we can get Transfection to spread across the planet, using social media.

Entering couldn’t be simpler. You just need to tweet a link to this page. Here is my preferred tweet, but you can adjust as suits you (but please use the link and hashtag so I can track it).

#Transfection Spreads Across The Planet! 

There should be enough space with that tweet to add whatever you like, but try and keep that phrase in there. There’s a lot you can do with it. Get creative!

Each tweet you make will count as an entry in the competition. Each time your tweet is retweeted, that will also count as an entry. Posting it on Facebook or LinkedIn or anything like that counts too. Let’s make Transfection viral!

There will be spot prizes for creative attempts to spread this message, and for creativity in general. Making me laugh is always good for a spot prize.

Please come back and comment at the bottom of this page when you are done. That way I have an email address to send the free e-book to. It would also be nice if you could post some kind of proof like a screenshot, but I should be able to see all the entries on Twitter if you use the link and the hashtag.

Alternatively, you can email your proof to david dot gaughran at gmail dot com and that will count too. Don’t worry if you have already bought Transfection, you can still enter and then use the voucher to purchase something else.

Last time we had a competition it was lots of fun. One lady even wrote an open letter to me on her blog asking for demanding a free copy. Let’s just say I am very open to that kind of tactic.

If you want to read a free excerpt of Transfection, so you can see what you could win, go here. If you can’t wait until tomorrow, and you simply have to buy it right now, that’s okay too. You can do so at Amazon, Smashwords, and Amazon UK.

Competition closes at 12 Noon GMT tomorrow, Wednesday the 25th of May 2011 (that’s 7 a.m. New York time, 3 a.m. San Francisco time, and 9 p.m. Sydney).

Winners will be chosen by my patented randomizer and announced in tomorrow’s post. I will only use your first name in the announcement, but if you would like it to be kept completely private, please let me know.

Let’s do this, people!

About David Gaughran

David is Irish and lives in Dublin, where it rains every day and conversation is a sport. He writes historical adventures and has helped thousands of authors to self-publish through his workshops, books, and this here blog.
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20 Responses to Transfection Spreads Across The Planet! (Competition)

  1. Hektor Karl says:

    Tweeted #Transfection.

    Also mentioned it in a blog post this weekend if you’re giving out extra credit. (


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  3. Paradox says:

    Oh, i just saw that I won a copy of your book :0 – what do i do now 🙂


  4. Paradox says:

    got it. thank you very much. Patti 🙂


  5. Brett Irvine says:

    I won I won! 🙂


  6. Francis Mahon says:

    Hi David,

    I won a copy of Transfection via Twitter.

    Here’s my email address.

    Thank you,


  7. Tony Slater says:

    Sorry Dave, finally got around to it. (The tweet).Been called away from this grand endeavour to build a fence and remodel a garden! Tonight it’s back into it.


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