Some Other Stuff You Should Be Reading

Today’s is a short post as I have urgent work on a new release to complete. It’s the Golden Rule: writing always comes first, remember?

I’ll make it up with a monster post on marketing and social media later in the week, the next step in my INDIE PUBLISHING FOR INTERNATIONAL WRITERS series.

I just want to put you on to some interesting stuff going on that you might have missed.

Joe Konrath’s blog is a must for anyone considering self-publishing. He shares all his figures, down to the last cent, and all of the things that work and don’t work in terms of promotion.

He was one of the first big-sellers in e-books, has sold a quarter of a million of them, and his latest post is essential reading for anyone interested in the promotion or marketing of their books, whether they self-publish or not.

Dean Wesley Smith has done it all – publisher, editor, teaching workshops, as well as being an international best-selling writer (and under several different pen-names too).

His latest post is a summary of his positions on agents, traditional publishing, and indie publishing. His series on Killing The Sacred Cows of Publishing is a must-read, and his series Think Like A Publisher is invaluable.

Tom Dupree has been a newsman, blurb copywriter, editor for a large trade publishing house, as well as a writer himself. His blog is always a great read, but I particularly recommend his recent series Adventures in Editing (read all three parts).

Kristine Kathryn Rusch is another international bestselling author with a great blog on the business side of things. Her recent post on the problems that some trade published writers are having getting accurate royalty statements is fascinating. Make sure also to read the follow-up, and her post on bad publishing contracts and bad agents.

Robin Sullivan has extensive experience in trade publishing and marketing, and now runs her own small publishing company – Ridan Publishing – which began by self-publishing her husband Michael’s fantasy series (which has made hundreds of thousands of dollars and attracted the attention of a major publisher), and has since expanded to include other authors. If you like hard numbers, Robin gives them to you.

Finally, I don’t talk about the craft of writing so much on this blog, mainly because there are a lot of people out there that do it a lot better than I ever could. Four of them have come together to launch a new website called Wicked & Tricksy, where they will be talking about the craft of writing, the theory behind it, as well as speculative fiction in general.

If you like reading about superheroes, dastardly villains, fire-breathing dragons, shape-shifters, Norse gods, steam-powered spaceships, alternative histories, Celtic monsters, or lonely robots – and how writers make them come alive on the page – then this will be your new home.

It only launched yesterday, but they have a whole host of fun stuff planned, and I recommend that you take a look, bookmark it, and make it a regular stop.

I’m trying to convince one of them to do a guest blog here soon as I try and expand the scope of the blog a little. I have an exciting interview lined up too. Watch this space.

About David Gaughran

David lives in Dublin, where it rains every day and conversation is a sport. He writes historical adventures and has helped thousands of authors to self-publish through his workshops, books, and this here blog.
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5 Responses to Some Other Stuff You Should Be Reading

  1. Oh, SQUEE!! I love Norse gods! (Sorry, was having a slight Thor moment for a minute there.)

    Great linky post! I’m reading some of them, of course, but some are new, so I’m glad to add some to the reading list. As someone once told me, the day you stop learning and growing is the day you wake up dead.

    Or something like that.

    Happy writing!


    • I met two of the people behind it through Nathan Bransford’s Forum (link on the right somewhere), and they are very smart – I’m looking forward to what they write every day. You should check out their personal blogs too (Margo’s and Sommer’s are the ones I have read, I must check out the others).



    • P.S. It’s e-book formatting rather than writing, so not so happy, but necessary! But there will be some writing later.


  2. Tom Dupree says:

    David, thank you. Very kind words indeed, and be assured they are treasured.


    • Thanks Tom, it was my pleasure, I’m a big fan, and I’m more than happy to point even more readers to your great blog. It’s an entertaining and revealing read – every time.


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