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Self-Publishing & Trade Publishing Are Not Mutually Exclusive Paths

There was one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb amidst all the huffing and puffing surrounding Barry Eisler’s decision to sign with Amazon’s new imprint, Thomas & Mercer. Some people (both indie evangelists and arch-defenders of trade publishing), think that … Continue reading

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Publishers Skinning Authors, Eisler & Konrath, and The Never-Ending Blog Tour

I have to spend the day hauling giant loads of copper, chemicals, and silicone (don’t ask), so if you don’t mind, I will do a quick news round-up, and talk about some stuff appearing here and elsewhere in the coming … Continue reading

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Nothing To Do With The Champions League Final

There will be no posting this weekend. I am a little behind schedule in cleaning up Let’s Get Digital, Digital, and I would like to catch up. Blogging will resume Monday. I hope you don’t mind, it means you will … Continue reading

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Indie Publishing For International Writers, Step 8: Pricing Strategies

This is the eight part of my continuing series INDIE PUBLISHING FOR INTERNATIONAL WRITERS, a step-by-step guide to getting your stories into (digital) print. I’ll be doing each step with you, learning as you do, because I’ve never done this before … Continue reading

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The Third Way – Barry Eisler Signs Trade Deal With Amazon

In a move announced yesterday at BookExpo America, Barry Eisler has signed a trade deal with Amazon’s newest imprint Thomas & Mercer. Full details of the deal have yet to emerge, but Eisler stated that the advance was “comparable” to … Continue reading

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E-Reader War Heats Up and Amazon Launch New Imprints

Now that Transfection has flown the net, we can get back to business. Tomorrow, I will continue my free guide to self-publishing with a section on pricing. Today, I want to look at some of the big news stories of the … Continue reading

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Haiku #10 – Never Underestimate The Power of a Carbohydrate

From either side of my heart, beans and toast send love notes to each other. From the Haikupalooza archives. Do not attempt to drive a car or operate heavy machinery for one hour after ingesting these haikus.

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