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“You won’t make any money from self-publishing.”


The internet has revolutionized every business it has come into contact with, and publishing is no different.

For the first time, these changes are handing power back to the writer. It’s up to YOU if you want to profit from them.

This guide contains over 60,000 words of essays, articles, and how-to guides, as well as contributions from 33 bestselling indie authors including J Carson Black, Bob Mayer, Victorine Lieske, Mark Edwards, and many more.

It covers everything from how the disruptive power of the internet has changed the publishing business forever to the opportunities this has created for writers. It gives you practical advice on editing, cover design, formatting, and pricing. And it reveals marketing tips from blogging and social networking right through to competitions, discounts, reviews, and giveaways.

If you are considering self-publishing, if you need to breathe life into your flagging sales, or if you want to understand why it’s a great time to be a writer, Let’s Get Digital: How To Self-Publish, And Why You Should will explain it all.

Praise for Let’s Get Digital:

“Let’s Get Digital is a must read for anyone considering self-publishing.” — JA Konrath, bestselling author of TrappedOrigin, and Whiskey Sour.

“Credible and comprehensive. I’d recommend it to any writer who is considering self-publishing or anyone interested in the current state of publishing… 5 stars” — Big Al’s Books and Pals.

“Even with my background as an indie writer, I picked up several valuable tips…this is simply the best book about the ebook revolution that I have read.” — Michael Wallace, bestselling author of the Righteous series.

“It should be THE starting point for anyone considering self-publishing today. This book is a Pixel Pick, and should be considered required reading for any Indie author.” — Pixel of Ink.

Let’s Get Digital is available from AmazonBarnes & Noble, Apple, SonySmashwords, and Diesel. A paperback edition is also available.

If you don’t own an e-reader, you can read e-books on most computers, laptops, and phones, by downloading one of these free apps.

The PDF version is FREELet’s Get Digital by David Gaughran – Free PDF Edition (Updated 19 August 2011)

Simply right-click on the link above and select “Save As” to download it. Alternatively, click the link to open the PDF. From there you can save to your computer.

NOTE: At times of unusually high traffic, some have reported slowness. For an alternative download link, please go to this page on Scribd.

As you will see, a lot of work has gone into producing the free PDF edition. If you find the book useful, a donation would be appreciated. Clicking the button below will take you to PayPal where you can use your account or a credit card for an amount of your choice.

The Free PDF Edition is released under a Creative Commons License, meaning that you are free to download, copy, share, print, and email this PDF. You can even put it up for download on your own site. The only restrictions are that you must credit me as the author of the work, you must not amend it any way, and you are restricted from any commercial use (i.e. you cannot charge for it or profit from it in any way).

Please respect these very few restrictions, and feel free to share it with whoever you like.

18 Responses to Let’s Get Digital

  1. Thanks so much for this! I found you via Carla King. I am tweeting you! Deborah ;)

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  6. A most interesting website dedicated to writers and writing conumdrums. I have found your article on Indie Publishing very interesting. I learnt in business many years ago that in change opportunity presents itself. Although the traditional way of publishing is attractive and something of a hero goal, I am confident my novels can be marketed with equal success independently.
    It makes sense that I will have to work on that side of the writing process, and this is not new. I need to look at the novel through the eyes of a publisher and see the finished work as a product, a commodity to be sold. A serious publisher would expect me to do book signings and partake in promotion anyway.

    During the writing process I attended a workshop given by Merlene Fawdry and she stressed the importance of building a profile / platform to create an awareness that people can easily research. She emphasised how important it was to become visible. An credentialed copy editor I have engaged Merlene to copy edit my novel Kundela and I am impressed with the improvements and fluidity of the text.
    I have set some deadlines for KUNDELA and if it’s not picked up by a major publisher in that time frame this novel and the others I am working on will become self published.

    Once again thank you for a great article on self publishing and wish you well with your writing.

    Terry L Probert
    Website: http://wurugi.blogspot.com.au/

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  10. Hi, I’m in the middle of writing my first book so I’ve just bought this for some tips on self-publishing, looking forward to reading it. Cheers

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  16. I finished reading Lets Get Digital yesterday and it was exactly the guide I needed as I try to plan my first self-publishing. Already started reading Lets Get Visible. Thanks for the invaluable advice.

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