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Self-Publishing & Trade Publishing Are Not Mutually Exclusive Paths

There was one thing that stuck out like a sore thumb amidst all the huffing and puffing surrounding Barry Eisler’s decision to sign with Amazon’s new imprint, Thomas & Mercer. Some people (both indie evangelists and arch-defenders of trade publishing), think that … Continue reading

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Publishers Skinning Authors, Eisler & Konrath, and The Never-Ending Blog Tour

I have to spend the day hauling giant loads of copper, chemicals, and silicone (don’t ask), so if you don’t mind, I will do a quick news round-up, and talk about some stuff appearing here and elsewhere in the coming … Continue reading

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Nothing To Do With The Champions League Final

There will be no posting this weekend. I am a little behind schedule in cleaning up Let’s Get Digital, Digital, and I would like to catch up. Blogging will resume Monday. I hope you don’t mind, it means you will … Continue reading

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Indie Publishing For International Writers, Step 8: Pricing Strategies

This is the eight part of my continuing series INDIE PUBLISHING FOR INTERNATIONAL WRITERS, a step-by-step guide to getting your stories into (digital) print. I’ll be doing each step with you, learning as you do, because I’ve never done this before … Continue reading

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The Third Way – Barry Eisler Signs Trade Deal With Amazon

In a move announced yesterday at BookExpo America, Barry Eisler has signed a trade deal with Amazon’s newest imprint Thomas & Mercer. Full details of the deal have yet to emerge, but Eisler stated that the advance was “comparable” to … Continue reading

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E-Reader War Heats Up and Amazon Launch New Imprints

Now that Transfection has flown the net, we can get back to business. Tomorrow, I will continue my free guide to self-publishing with a section on pricing. Today, I want to look at some of the big news stories of the … Continue reading

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Haiku #10 – Never Underestimate The Power of a Carbohydrate

From either side of my heart, beans and toast send love notes to each other. From the Haikupalooza archives. Do not attempt to drive a car or operate heavy machinery for one hour after ingesting these haikus.

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Transfection Spreads Across The Planet! (Competition)

To celebrate the release of my latest short story – Transfection – I am giving away TWENTY-FIVE free copies of my new e-book. It has already hit the Science Fiction Short Story Bestseller charts in the UK and America, and … Continue reading

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Why Traditional Publishers Will Go The Way Of Travel Agents

Over the last six weeks or so, we have examined the various aspects of the publishing industry, and assessed how the different parts are functioning (or in most cases, malfunctioning) in the face of the changes brought about by the … Continue reading

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Sample Sunday: TRANSFECTION – Old-school sci-fi by David Gaughran

This week’s Sample Sunday offering is from my latest e-book – Transfection – an old school sci-fi technothriller about a molecular biologist who makes a startling discovery which threatens his life. I have printed the first section of the story below. If … Continue reading

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